Front Fork and Shock Springs

The Foundations of Excellent Suspension

Reactive Suspension offer a wide range of high quality fork and shock springs for road and motocross bikes. Selecting springs from Hyperco, Ohlins, WP and Racetech we are able to match springs to your requirements.

The starting point in upgrading any suspension system is ensuring that the spring rates are matched to your weight, riding style and the terrain you are riding on.

Customised spring rates ensure the bike has the correct balance front to rear. Springs matched to the bike and rider maximise the amount of travel available to the rider. Bikes which do not support the mass of bike and rider sufficiently will have reduced travel and bottom out easily. Bikes with too stiff a spring rate will feel harsh over bumps.

Hyperco Shock Springs Hyperco Shock Springs

Hyperco's focus is constantly on innovation, research and development and endlessly testing new ways to improve performance, not just coiling springs but engineering suspension coils that ultimately offer a Performance Advantage.

While other companies offer springs as a part of their expanding product line, Hyperco's focus is on high performance suspension coils. Customers can be assured they are not distracted by other products; trying to be all things to all people, their team of specialists continually work to manufacture a spring that maximises performance for every application. Hyperco utilise the latest in design and performance simulation software, the most up to date manufacturing equipment along with multi axis rate and load testing equipment to measure overall dynamic performance ensuring that all springs offer consistent performance, exclusive technological advancements and reliability.

Download/ view a spring application chart for Penske shocks here

A video about OBD Springs can be seen on the Hypercoils website here

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Fork Springs Fork Springs

A High Performance Spring has a high stiffness to mass ratio, in other words it is as light as possible for a particular rate. Manufactured from chrome silicon steel, shot peened, heat-treated and pre-set for length, they are the finest springs available. We test all our springs before despatch or fitting to ensure they are the exact rate you require.

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Load Centralizing Hydraulic Spring Perches Load Centralizing Hydraulic Spring Perches

An inherent characteristic of coil springs is that as they compress they produce a lateral, or sideways load acting on the shock shaft trying to bend it resulting in highly increased frictional forces within the damper, these extra forces give lowered tyre grip levels, and increased tyre wear.

The assembly allows the end coils of the spring to tilt (up to 4 degrees) as compressive loads are applied centralising the loads fed into the shock. The result is that up to 96% of the bending is eliminated increasing mechanical grip.

The spring perch can be used with any existing shock absorbers fitting between the existing spring collar and the spring.

View a video of the perch in use here.

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