Hyperco Shock Springs

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Hyperco's focus is constantly on innovation, research and development and endlessly testing new ways to improve performance, not just coiling springs but engineering suspension coils that ultimately offer a Performance Advantage.

While other companies offer springs as a part of their expanding product line, Hyperco's focus is on high performance suspension coils. Customers can be assured they are not distracted by other products; trying to be all things to all people, their team of specialists continually work to manufacture a spring that maximises performance for every application. Hyperco utilise the latest in design and performance simulation software, the most up to date manufacturing equipment along with multi axis rate and load testing equipment to measure overall dynamic performance ensuring that all springs offer consistent performance, exclusive technological advancements and reliability.

In a planned phased transition Hyperco are moving over to the Optimum Body Diameter Spring, this is the very latest breakthrough in spring technology featuring a design where the main body diameter is greater than that of the end coils resulting in a spring with improved rate linearity, more resistance to bowing, additional shock to spring clearance and a lighter weight.

OBD springs fit all standard hardware, over time, 100% of the line will be produced in the OBD configuration.

Download/ view a spring application chart for Penske shocks here

A video about OBD Springs can be seen on the Hypercoils website here

Hyperco Shock Springs