Off Road Fork Servicing and Upgrades 

Maximising Rider Confidence and Machine Performance.

Through continuous testing, customer feedback and working with companies such as WP Suspension, KYB and Showa we've established a vast range of suspension solutions for Motocross and Enduro riders. 

Regular servicing keeps your forks working at their optimum performance. Personalised valving and spring upgrades give you the confidence that the bike is going to do what you want it to do, not what it wants to do.

Re-engineered forks have superior bump absorption, better stability and reduced rider fatigue.

Fork Servicing Fork Servicing

Motocross and Enduro forks are subject to a severe amount of punishment and torture. Over ten laps the suspension can cycle up and down over 160,000 times, with fork velocities in the region of 8m/s. All this takes place in a harsh environment of sand, grit and mud.

Forks can flex around 70mm during hard use putting a massive strain on the bushes. Keeping your forks regularly serviced (after every 20 hours use) not only prolongs the life of the components it maintains their performance and consistency.

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Fork Springs Fork Springs

The starting point in upgrading any off road forks is ensuring that the spring rates match your weight, riding style and the terrain you are riding on. The correct spring rate maximises the fork travel and helps to maintain the geometry of the bike.

A High Performance Spring has a high stiffness to mass ratio, in other words it is as light as possible for a particular rate. Manufactured from chrome silicon steel, shot peened, heat-treated and pre-set for length, they are the finest springs available. We test all our springs before despatch or fitting to ensure they are the exact rate you require.

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Fork Revalve Fork Revalve

A fork revalve customises the damping of the bike to suit your ability, riding style and the terrain your riding on. Motocross, Supercross, Enduro and Supermoto all have different damping requirements. Different terrains such as sand, hard pack and rocks also have their own damping requirements.

Re-valving the forks eliminates harshness and gives a more consistent damping action through the stroke. The improvement in ride quality increases grip and improves cornering and jumping. Riders notice a more balanced feel with good bottoming resistance and reduced fatigue.

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Fork Spare Parts Fork Spare Parts

We supply a full range of spare parts to keep your WP, Ohlins, KYB, Showa, and Marzocchi forks working at their optimum performance level. From service parts such as seals and bushes to stanchions, sliders and internal components.

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SKF Fork Seals SKF Fork Seals

SKF fork and dust seals are the lowest friction seals on the market. By testing them in the most arduous of conditions we have also found them to be more durable than OEM seals.

The seals are sold as a kit, a dust seal to protect the main seal, minimising the amount of dirt, water and grit that could damage the main seal. The seal itself is a low friction seal with enhanced properties to keep the oil in the fork and the contaminants out, whilst minimising friction.

Seals are available for KYB, Showa, WP, and Marzocchi Forks. Heavy Duty Seal Kits are available for KYB PSF forks.

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