Motorcycle Fork and Shock Tools

Quality Suspension Tools For Home Servicing

Reactive Suspension offer a range of high quality suspension tools essential for working on motorcycle forks and shock absorbers. Having the right tool for the job makes the task a lot easier, quicker and reduces the likelihood of parts being damaged.

Listed here are just some of the tools we have available. If you can't find what you require please Contact Us.

Fork Oil Level Gauge Fork Oil Level Gauge

For checking and adjusting the oil level on all conventional and upside down forks, the adjustable setting ring will measure oil levels from 0 to 300mm. The tool can also be used on MTB front forks.

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Fork and Shock Oil Fork and Shock Oil

We recommned Silkolene and Torco Race fluids due to their extremely high viscosity index, which significantly reduces damper fade and their excellent lubricating properties which reduce wear and contamination.

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Big Piston Fork Tool Kit Big Piston Fork Tool Kit

This kit consists of a fork cap wrench and seal head tool for servicing and changing springs on Big Piston Forks.

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Preload Adjustment Stick Preload Adjustment Stick

The Preload Adjustment Stick is used to make quick adjustments to spring preload on shocks equipped with Traxxion Dynamics Preload Collars, or Penske Racing Shocks. It is made of durable stainless steel.

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Fork Seal Drivers Fork Seal Drivers

These rugged Seal Drivers are the standard of the industry, they are used to install seals, wipers and bushings in telescopic forks.

Available for 35/36, 39, 41, 43, 45, 46/47, 48, 49/50, 54mm diameter forks.

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Shaft Holding Tools Shaft Holding Tools

Holds fork damping rods, cartridges, shock shafts,etc. while servicing. Unique design allows installation of dowels into the top of the vice jaws. The holding tools hang on the dowels instead of dropping on the ground when the vice is opened. Made from aluminium so as not to damage shafts.

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Preload Adjuster C Spanners Preload Adjuster C Spanners

These tools prevent damage to the shock spring collars when adjusting spring preload, made from vanadium steel for high strength and durability, they are available with a peg for Penske or Nitron shocks or with a hook for all other shocks. We also have genuine Ohlins spanners for their shocks.

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Shock Seal Bullet Set Shock Seal Bullet Set

Seal bullets are an essential tool for sliding shock seal heads onto shafts.

It expands the seal to allow it to slide onto the shaft without damage and protects the bush from sharp edges.

The sizes included in the set are: 12.5x10mm, 14x12mm, 16x12mm, 18x16mm and 18x12mm.

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Shock Bush Driver Set Shock Bush Driver Set

Bush drivers are used to install shaft bushes into seal heads without damaging the bush.

The sizes included in the kit are: 12.5mm, 14mm, 16mm,18mm.

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Shock End Cap and Bleed Tools Shock End Cap and Bleed Tools

The end cap tools allow the easy removal of bladder caps and end caps from shock absorbers. The 3mm Ohlins tool works with all Ohlins shocks. The Schrader tool works with Penske, KYB and Showa shocks. The tools have an oil resistant rubber ball on the end for good grip with oily fingers.

The 6mm Ohlins tool threads into the floating piston on an Ohlins shock allowing the removal of the floating piston. It is also used for bleeding the shock upon assembly. The optional depth stop attachment is used with the 6mm Ohlins tool for setting the floating piston position when assembling Ohlins shocks.

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Compression Assembly Tool Compression Assembly Tool

The compression assembly removal tool is used to remove and re-fit the compression assembly on Twin Chamber forks.

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Fork Finger Plate Fork Finger Plate

The finger plate can be used underneath the fork cap locknut on road bike forks to allow the easy removal of the cap. It can also be used on Twin chamber forks to allow the removal of the rebound adjuster housing.

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Portable Fork Spring Compressor Portable Fork Spring Compressor

This is a really good tool for the single handed removal and fitting of fork springs. On lots of bikes it can also be threaded down through the fairing allowing for spring changes in situ. 

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Shock Nitrogen Filling Tool Shock Nitrogen Filling Tool

The nitrogen filling tool screws onto the Schrader on KYB, Showa and Penske shocks or can be used with the needle attachment for Ohlins shocks.

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Pin Wrench Pin Wrench

Pin wrenches allow the easy removal of Ohlins fork caps and the seal heads on WP, Penske and TTX shocks.

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WP Compression Adjuster Tool WP Compression Adjuster Tool

Tool to remove the high and low speed compression adjuster housings from WP shocks without damage.

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