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Motocross and Enduro forks are subject to a severe amount of punishment and torture. Over ten laps the suspension can cycle up and down over 160,000 times, with fork velocities in the region of 8m/s. All this takes place in a harsh environment of sand, grit and mud.

Forks can flex around 70mm during hard use putting a massive strain on the bushes. Keeping your forks regularly serviced (after every 20 hours use) not only prolongs the life of the components it maintains their performance and consistency.

Forks are fully stripped, cleaned in a three stage process and rebuilt with genuine manufacturers seals and bushes. SKF seals can be fitted for those looking for a fork action with greatly reduced stiction.

Whether you have WP Cone Valve, Showa A' Kit, KYB PSF or 1980's Evo units; they can all be serviced in our workshop.

Riders who would like to maintain their own forks can learn the skills necessary on our Fork Servicing Course.

Motocross and Enduro Fork Servicing.