Motorcycle Suspension School.

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Suspension Courses

Motorcycle Suspension School Prospectus and Course Guide November 2019

The UK's only motorcycle suspension school, where students learn how to service and modify their suspension through hands-on experience.

The courses are suited to a wide range of abilities from enthusiasts wanting to service their own suspension, through to professionals wanting to advance their knowledge.

Putting the skills learnt into practice in the purpose built workshop is a unique feature that allows students to get their hands oily doing the work themselves. This is not a course where you watch a demonstration, then forget everything on the journey home.

Courses can be taken individually or over consecutive days.

The topics covered include:

  • Fork & Shock Design
  • Fork & Shock Function and Operation
  • Hands on Workshop Practice, Servicing and Re-Valving Forks and Shocks
  • Suspension Theory
  • Shim Stack & Piston Operation & Design
  • Springs
  • Dynamics and Geometry
  • Suspension Setting and Adjustments for Road and Off Road.

Previous course attendees have gone on to add suspension services to their exisiting business or start suspension companies of their own. University students have found that having the specialist knowledge gained on the courses is a useful addtion to their CV's.

Fork ServicingFork Servicing

Professional fork servicing goes way beyond tipping the old oil out and replacing seals. Students learn how the different designs of forks operate, and the function of the individual components inside the fork. They then strip and rebuild forks themselves to learn the practical skills of professional fork servicing.

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Shock ServicingShock Servicing

Whilst people are generally happy to tackle fork servicing the thought of stripping shocks can be intimidating. On the shock servicing course students learn how the different designs of shock operate, and the function of the individual components inside. They then strip and rebuild shocks themselves to learn the practical skills of professional shock servicing.

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Advanced Fork and Shock TheoryAdvanced Fork and Shock Theory

A course exploring the technology behind modern fork and shock developments, and the methods used to maximise performance.

Covering all aspects of fork and shock tuning, students learn the knowledge necessary to become a professional suspension tuner.

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Bike Set-up.Bike Set-up.

Bike Set-Up is often described as a dark art. By following basic principles that myth can be blown apart. Students learn practical methods on how to optimise chassis performance for road and track use.

The tutorials and practical exercises are all designed for students to gain an advanced understanding of suspension, chassis tuning and grip optimisation.

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Alpha Racing BMW M RCK TrainingAlpha Racing BMW M RCK Training

The BMW M Race Calibration electronic performance package offers individual configurations for traction control, wheelie control, engine braking, and much more. To the uninitiated, navigating your way through the various options can be daunting. Guided by Peter Schouten from Alpha Racing students will learn how to extract the maximum performance from the kit.

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Motorcycle Race EngineeringMotorcycle Race Engineering

Finding your way in the motorcycle racing industry is no easy task. Uniquely we've brought together leading experts in the industry to share their extensive knowledge on the subject. Students attending the course have the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of the role of engineers at the track, as well as learning the fundamentals of chassis dynamics, engine dynamics, data analysis and tyre performance.

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Online Fork and Shock Dyno TestingOnline Fork and Shock Dyno Testing

Dyno testing allows suspension tuners to accurately measure exactly what forces suspension components are generating. Forks, shocks, springs, bump rubbers and anything else that can be squashed can be tested on a dyno.

Purchasing a dyno can be a major financial step for many businesses, having it sat there because you don't know how to use it, or what it can do doesn't make sense. Information on dyno testing is hard to come by, this course answers all the questions you could have about the subject.

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Fork and Shock Dyno TestingFork and Shock Dyno Testing

Dyno testing is the next step for suspension tuners, it allows the tuner to accurately measure exactly what the forks are shock are doing. It can be used for finding faults and for performance matching components. Purchasing a dyno can be a major financial step for many businesses, this course allows you to see exactly what a dyno can do, to see if the outlay will add value to your business.

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