Suspension Accessories

Functional Suspension Enhancements

Reactive Suspension offer a wide range of motorcycle suspension accessories, Shock Socks to protect shocks from corrosion and stone damage, Preload Bearing Kits making adjustment easier and Ride Height Shim Kits, essential for ride height adjustment with standard shocks.

Listed here are just some of the accessories we have available. If you can't find what you require please Contact Us.

Traxxion Dynamics Shock Sock Traxxion Dynamics Shock Sock

The shock sock is a cover for the rear shock protecting it from corrosion and preventing stone chips in the shaft. It is constructed from a breathable nylon material, and installs in seconds with a simple Velcro closure. Available in three sizes to fit all types of shock and spring combinations. Please measure your bike's spring, and select the length needed.

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Shock Sock (6") - £15.75

Shock Sock (7") - £15.75

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Shock Preload Bearing Kit Shock Preload Bearing Kit

This is a simple to install accessory that will make preload adjustments on all threaded collar adjustment shocks substantially easier. The bearing fits between the spring and the preload collar eliminating the friction between the two, requiring much less effort to move the collar.

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Pre-Load Bearing Kit (2¼") - £18.26

Pre-Load Bearing Kit (2½") - £19.59

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Ride Height Shim Kit Ride Height Shim Kit

An essential kit for use with standard shocks that are not equipped with a ride height adjuster. The Ride Height Shim Kit is a set of three anodised colour-coded aluminium shims, that install between the frame and the upper shock mount, the Red shim is 2mm, Blue 3mm, Black 4mm giving combinations of 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 9mm of added ride height.

Kits are available with an internal diameter of 20mm to fit most GSXR's, please measure the diameter of the shock mount bolt to order the correct size.

Read an article on the Motorcyclist Online website about installing the shims here

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20mm Internal Diameter - £16.00

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Traxxion Dynamics Preload Collars For Penske Shocks Traxxion Dynamics Preload Collars For Penske Shocks

CNC-machined from aluminium for light weight, and anodised for protection, the collars are supplied with a peg tool that slides into the radial holes to turn the collar and a bearing that sits between the spring and the collar allowing it to turn easily.

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Penske Preload Collars - £55.32

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT