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Product: Traxxion Damper Rod Kit

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The kit contains CNC machined damper rods and cartridge emulators, designed as a complete replacement kit for the stock units. Manufactured to improve the performance of damper rod forks, vastly improving the compression and rebound action.

Typically standard damper rods have 2 pairs of damping orifices at the bottom of the rod. They are manufactured from thin walled, extruded steel. When installing emulators the instructions suggest adding extra holes above the standard orifices. On some forks adding the extra holes delays the point at which the rebound can start to work. this coincides with full spring compression when maximum rebound damping is needed to control the extension of the spring.

The Traxxion Dynamics Damper rods have thicker walls allowing them to be manufactured with larger holes, negating the need for extra holes without compromising strength. The smooth CNC machined finish of the Traxxion rod allows the check valve inside the fork to seal better, minimising leakage.

When fitting emulators to standard rods some models benefit from having the rebound holes changed, with a standard rod this means brazing up the hole and re-drilling it, the Traxxion Rod already has the correct sized hole.

Put simply the Traxxion rod takes all the hard work, drilling, brazing etc. out of fitting emulators with the bonus of improved performance.

The kit can be installed by a competant mechanic or by our skilled staff at our workshop. Riders wishing to learn how to work on their own forks can install this kit as part of our Fork Servicing Course.

Traxxion Damper Rod Kit