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Fork bushes have a significant role to play in the action of the forks. Not only are they the bearings that allow the forks to move smoothly up and down, they also have to withstand significant loads. Braking puts a massive load through the forks, causing them to flex backwards. Cornering puts lateral loads through the forks causing them to flex sideways. Wear in the bushes can lead to a stick-slip action, making the forks feel harsh.

Worn or contaminated bushes will score fork stanchions. If left long enough they will wear through the chrome on the stanchions, and the anodising on sliders. Bushes are relatively cheap to replace and should be changed every 10,00 miles, both to maintain the performance of the fork and prevent the expensive parts wearing out.

Our bushes are high performance composite bearings with a very low friction coefficient and high load bearing capability.

Fork Bushes