Bike Set-up.

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Motorcycle Suspension School Bike Set-Up

Motorcycle Suspension School, Bike Set-Up course.

Bike Set-Up is often described as a dark art. By following basic principles that myth can be blown apart. Students learn practical methods on how to optimise chassis performance for road and track use.

The tutorials and practical exercises are all designed for students to gain an advanced understanding of suspension, chassis tuning and grip optimisation.

Course Content: Bike Set-Up

  • Adjuster function and operation
  • Sag: the purpose of sag, how to measure it and set it for rider weight.
  • Stiction: how to measure for stiction, the implications of too much stiction.
  • Geometry: how geometry effects the handling of the motorcycle, how to adjust it.
  • Linkage design: how linkages effect chassis dynamics.
  • Chassis dynamics: how to adjust the suspension and geometry to optimise performance.
  • Tyres: how tyres generate grip, how to get the most from the tyre, tyre problems.

    Who is the course for?

    • Riders and home mechanics interested in bike set-up.
    • Racers and track day riders wanting an advanced knowledge of chassis dynamics and machine set-up.
    • Race team technicians.
    • University students.
    • Dealers that wish to offer an advanced suspension service to their customers.



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