Dyno Testing

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Shock Dyno Graph

A shock (damper) dynamometer is a piece of test equipment used to display how damping force changes with shaft velocity.

We can test your forks or shock and supply graphs showing you exactly what forces they are generating. Whether you have a problem with a unit that you don't understand, or your cranking away at the adjusters and nothing is happening, they can be tested on the shock dyno to diagnose the fault.

If your an amateur or professional tuner that would like to see a graphical representation of the changes your making, your units can be tested on our dyno. We don't need to know what you've done, or what the intended use is, we will test them with full confidentiality.

We also offer a testing and development service for corporate clients, providing full reports on the forks and shocks being tested.

For those that would like to understand more about dyno testing, we run a course that covers all aspects of testing:

Fork and Shock Dyno Testing Course.