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During a service the shock is fully disassembled, thoroughly cleaned in a three stage process and inspected for wear. Shock shafts are polished to remove any pitting which could damage seals, and reduce stiction. If necessary shock bodies are honed to improve sealing.

The components are measured for correct tolerances and the units assembled using genuine manufacutrers seals and bushes. The highest quality shock fluid is used and where possible shocks are filled using a vacuum filling machine.

Shock absorber performance deteriorates gradually over time, you often don't notice how bad it's got until there is a significant drop in performance. Regular maintenance ensures that the shock is working at it's optimum and prolongs the life of the unit.

WP Trax, PDS, Showa A' Kit or KYB shocks can all be serviced in our workshop.

Riders who would like to maintain their own shocks can learn the skills necessary on our shock Servicing Course.

Shock Servicing