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Product: Dal Soggio Ray Piston Kit

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Dal Soggio Ray

Dal Soggio Ray Piston Kits for WP 4CS Forks. Designed and created by Dal Soggio Race to enhance the performance of WP 4CS forks. The comprehensive kit transforms the poorly performing stock set up into a traditionally adjustable fork with compression adjusters at the bottom and rebound adjusters at the top. The pressurisation of the stock cartridge is maintained making it suitable for Enduro, motocross and other off-road disciplines.

The WP 4CS fork has a considerable number of well documented faults, compromises and issues that are just completely wrong. The Ray Kit has been designed to eliminate all of those faults, giving vastlytly improved bump compliance, control and rider feedback.

The kit is suitable for all levels of riders from amateurs through to proffesionals.

The RAY kit includes:
  • two pre-assembled compression units, with re-designed pistons, bottom out cups and compression adjusters.
  • two rebound shim stacks to improve the rebound action, and two re-designed bottom out pistons for improved control.
  • two rebound adjusters knobs to fit to the upper caps.
  • two thicker preload spacers to increase the spring preload.

Two versions of the kit are available, one for all KTM and Husqvarna models fitted with WP 4CS front forks between 2013 to 2015 and the other version for 2016 models.

Dal Soggio Ray Kit 2016 - £215.00

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