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Cartridge Kits are a complete drop-in upgrade that replaces the stock mass produced, poorly performing components with a pair of extremely high-tolerance cartridges. We don't believe that quality suspension components should be the sole preserve of racers, they ride on billiard table smooth racetracks for 75 miles on a Sunday, they don't have to contend with pot holes, speed humps and poorly surfaced roads.

Cartridge are designed to bring damper rod forks such as those fitted to SV650's, ER6's and F800,s into the 21st century and upgrade budget cartridge forks such as those fitted to SV1000's, FZ1's, Blackbirds etc. to offer full, compression, rebound and spring preload adjustment.

By being able to choose from a number of different manufacturers we can select the correct components to suit your bike, how you use the bike and your budget.