Advanced Fork and Shock Theory

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Motorcycle Suspension School Advanced Fork and Shock Theory

Motorcycle Suspension School, Advanced Fork and Shock Theory Course.

A course exploring the technology behind modern fork and shock developments, and the methods used to maximise performance.

Covering all aspects of fork and shock tuning, students learn the knowledge necessary to become a professional suspension tuner.

Through tutorials and practical exercises the art of tuning is broken down into easily understandable elements for application in the field.

Course content: Advanced Fork and Shock Theory

  • Fork & shock technology, springs, damping, oil and how dampers work.
  • A full analysis of individual components and their function.
  • Friction and stiction.
  • Response time.
  • Advanced fork theory, base valves, midvalves, big piston, twin tube, 25 and 30mm, closed chamber.
  • Separate function forks, Pneumatic spring forks
  • Piston and rod size and implications.
  • Piston Design.
  • Valving, cavitation, pressure balancing.
  • Hysteresis
  • Grip
  • Tuning for terrain

Who is the course for?

    • Those who would like an advanced knowledge of modifying suspension components, re-valving and performance modifications.
    • Racers and track day riders.
    • University Students.
    • Dealers that wish to offer an advanced suspension service to their customers.


      Due to the advanced technical subjects covered on this course, students are expected to have experience at an advanced level in servicing. Either through attending the Servicing Courses or through previous experience.

      Unfortunately, we don't have time, nor is it fair to the other students for us to offer remedial training to bring the group up to the same level.

      Course Cost


      Please make sure you are allowed to travel before booking. Due to the current situation we have unfortuantely had to introduce a 15% cancellation fee. Please contact us if you are unsure.

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