Alpha Racing BMW M RCK Training

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Alpha Racing BMW MRCK Training

Alpha Racing, BMW M Race Calibration Kit Training.

A stand-alone course for BMW riders / team technicians, or an optional extra day for participants on the Race Engineering Course. The Motorcycle Suspension School and Alpha Racing have joined together to offer students the chance to undertake training in the use and operation of the BMW M Race Calibration Kit.

The M Race electronic performance package offers individual configurations for traction control, wheelie control, engine braking, and much more. To the uninitiated navigating your way through the various options can be daunting.

Peter Schouten from Alpha Racing will be conducting the training. Peter has been working with Alpha customers worldwide for a number of years, helping them to extract the maximum performance from their machines. He is an extremely clever guy with intimate knowledge of the workings of the BMW system, students will benefit considerably from his experience.

Starting from a basic level and then progressing to more advanced topics, students will learn how to use their M Race Calibration Kit to it’s full potential. The theory behind the changes, and how to put them into practice is thoroughly explained, with data examples showing exactly how it all works. Students will quickly learn how to adapt the electronics to suit the riders style, maximising the performance of bike and rider.

The training is structured and presented to make it accessible for both track day enthusiasts and motorsport technicians .

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