Fork and Shock Dyno Testing

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Fork and Shock Dyno Testing

Motorcycle Suspension School, Fork and Shock Dyno Testing Course.

Dyno testing is the next step for suspension tuners, it allows the tuner to accurately measure exactly what the forks are shock are doing. It can be used for finding faults and for performance matching components. Purchasing a dyno can be a major financial step for many businesses, this course allows you to see exactly what a dyno can do, to see if the outlay will add value to your business.
Many people have an interest in suspension full stop and want to further their knowledge. Dyno testing allows you to test the theories you think might be true, but aren’t quite sure.
Do you have a dyno sat gathering dust in the corner of your race team or university workshop? This course will give you the confidence to dust the machine off and use it with confidence.
Whilst the course gives the opportunity for people who have no experience of dyno use the opportunity to learn about dyno testing, they’re also open for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of good practices from dyno owners. If you’ve recently purchased a dyno and would like some guidance in its use and capabilities this course can help. It’s not restricted to one brand, bring your dyno with you, we can help you with it.

Course content: Dyno Testing

  •     Dyno operation and design
  •     How graphs are generated
  •     Interpreting graphs
  •     How to use and operate the dyno
  •     Practical dyno testing
  •     Results analysis

Who is the course for?

  •     Those who would like an advanced knowledge of suspension components.
  •     Suspension component supply chain engineers.
  •     University Students.
  •     Damper technicians from all fields, car racing, mountain bikes, motocross.

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