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Motorcycle Fork and Shock ToolsQuality Suspension Tools For Home Servicing

Reactive Suspension offer a range of high quality suspension tools essential for working on motorcycle forks and shock absorbers. Having the right tool for the job makes the task a lot easier, quicker and reduces the likelihood of parts being damaged.

Listed here are just some of the tools we have available. If you can't find what you require please Contact Us.

Fork and Shock FluidTraxxion Dynamics Fork Spring Compressor Kit

The Fork Spring Compressor Kit is an essential tool for servicing or changing springs in upside down forks.

This kit consists of the fork spring compressor, damper rod holding plate and fork bleed tool.

Fork Spring Compressor Kit - £49.94

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Fork Oil Level GaugeFork Oil Level Gauge

For checking and adjusting the oil level on all conventional and upside down forks, the adjustable setting ring will measure oil levels from 0 to 300mm. The tool can also be used on MTB front forks.

Fork Oil Level Guage - £17.83

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Fork and Shock OilFork and Shock Oil

We recommned Silkolene RSF fluids due to their extremely high viscosity index, which significantly reduces damper fade and their excellent lubricating properties which reduce wear and contamination.

Silkolene RSF:

Silkolene RSF - £10.44

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Click here for Technical Data sheets for Silkolene Oils

Fork Service KitFork Service Kit

All the tools that you require to change the oil or springs in upside down forks. The kit includes a fork spring compressor kit, cartridge bleed tool, a fork oil level tool and a litre of fork fluid.

Fork Service Kit - £70.65

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Big Piston Fork Tool KitBig Piston Fork Tool Kit

This kit consists of a fork cap wrench and seal head tool for servicing and changing springs on Big Piston Forks.

Big Piston Fork Tool Kit - £74.48

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

R6 Fork Tool KitR6 Fork Tool Kit

The kit contains a spanner to remove the external compression housing on 2006-current R6's and a cartridge tool which is essential for the removal of the cartridge as it is threaded to the bottom of the fork.

R6 Fork Tool Kit - £42.87

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Preload Adjustment StickPreload Adjustment Stick

The Preload Adjustment Stick is used to make quick adjustments to spring preload on shocks equipped with Traxxion Dynamics Preload Collars, or Penske Racing Shocks. It is made of durable stainless steel.

Pre-load Adjustment Stick - £7.35

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Fork Seal DriversFork Seal Drivers

These rugged Seal Drivers are the standard of the industry, they are used to install seals, wipers and bushings in telescopic forks.

Available for 33, 35, 36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 43, 45/46, 47/48, 49/50mm diameter forks.

Fork Seal Drivers - £58.80

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Shaft Holding ToolsShaft Holding Tools

Holds fork damping rods, cartridges, shock shafts,etc. while servicing. Unique design allows installation of dowels into the top of the vice jaws. The holding tools hang on the dowels instead of dropping on the ground when the vice is opened. Made from aluminium so as not to damage shafts.

Shaft Holding Tools (10/12/12.5/14) - £43.68

Shaft Holding Tools (14/16/18) - £50.96

Shaft Holding Tools (20/24/29) - £43.68

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

Preload Adjuster C SpannersPreload Adjuster C Spanners

These tools prevent damage to the shock spring collars when adjusting spring preload, made from vanadium steel for high strength and durability, they are available with a peg for Penske or Nitron shocks or with a hook for all other shocks. We also have genuine Ohlins spanners for their shocks.

Ohlins C Spanner - £7.27

Heavy Duty Pin Spanner - £15.17

Heavy Duty Hook Spanner - £12.33

Note - prices shown are exclusive of VAT

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